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As virus spreads, anxiety rises in China and overseas

WUHAN, China (AP) — Face masks sold out and officials at airports and train stations checked passengers for fevers as China on Tuesday sought to control the outbreak of a new virus that has reached four other countries and territories and threatens to spread further during the Lunar New Year travel rush.

Anxiety grew both at home and abroad after Chinese government expert Zhong Nanshan confirmed fears on state television late Monday that the new type of coronavirus can spread from human to human.

Six people have died and 291 have been infected in China, the National Health Commission said Tuesday.

UPDATED to reflect new numbers; map shows coronavirus outbreak cases in Asia; 2c x 4 1/2 inches; 96.3 mm x 114 mm;

The stock prices of some companies that sell masks rose Tuesday, but markets fell in much of Asia as investors worried about the potential impact on tourism and the economy... Read More

LIVE: County Commissioners discuss NFL Draft, possible lane closures


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County Commissioners announce possible lane closures related to NFL Draft. Item #56 will be discussed Tuesday morning... Read More

Video: Police’s previous encounter with suspect that killed 2 Honolulu officers, burned 7 homes

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Honolulu Police have released body camera video of a previous encounter they had with the man they say killed two officers and burned down seven houses. The suspect, Jerry Hanel, had multiple run ins with police before.

The body cam footage shows police responding to a 911 call Hanel placed that officials say was false.

One of the officers he is accused of killing, Tiffany Enriquez, can be seen standing next to him in the video from a May incident with Hanel.

Officers responded to another 911 call Sunday, Jan. 19, from a woman saying Hanel stabbed her. He allegedly shot officers Tiffany Enriquez and Kaulike Kalama to death when they arrived on scene.

Policy say he then burned down seven nearby houses. Hanel was facing eviction for squatting in a residence he had stopped paying rent on... Read More

LIVE: Trump impeachment trial – Senate to debate rules, procedures ahead of opening statements

WASHINGTON (WFLA) – President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate begins in earnest this week after last week’s ceremonial beginning.

The Senate will convene at 12:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday to debate the rules and procedures of the impeachment trial. Once the Senate votes on and approves the rules and procedures, the trial will begin in earnest. Opening statements are expected to be delivered some time Tuesday or Wednesday... Read More

Stray dog acts as crossing guard for school children

(CBS) — A dog may not be your typical grossing guard, but it’s hard at work for children in Georgia!

A stray dog helped school children cross a busy street in Batumi, Georgia last week. The pooch even barked at a car that didn’t stop at the crosswalk.

The person who captured the video said the dog is called “Kursha” and lives in the neighborhood. ... Read More

Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has Parkinson’s disease

Rock’s Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne told “Good Morning America” that he has Parkinson’s disease and the past year was the “worst, longest, most painful, misreable year of my life.”

Ozzy, and his wife Sharon, told the network that a debilitating fall last February led to his diagnosis. In a previous interview, he said the fall left him seriously injured with 15 screws in his spine... Read More

Water-skiing squirrel spreads safety message

Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel has been entertaining crowds for 40 years — obviously the title has been shared by several gray squirrels over the years. Twiggy’s goal is to raise awareness about safety while on the water.

She wears a squirrel-sized life jacket in all her shows as a reminder how important the safety device can be when it comes to saving lives.

Twiggy the original water-skiing squirrel began performing in 1979. The orphaned squirrel was raised by a Florida couple who discovered the squirrel loved being on the water. ... Read More