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Vital Vegas, more LV strip attractions going through changes.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS-TV) – With the summer temperatures picking up, it’s time for 8 News Now to get the fill of what’s going on around town.

Founder of Vital Vegas Scott Roeben has all the scoops with one attraction going through a modification on the strip. Avengers movies bring millions of people to the box office, but it might not be a good fit for Las Vegas.

The Venetian has opened its renovated pool complex following months of work. The two cranes atop the wrapped stalled St. Regis tower are still in place, leading some to believe they’ll stick around to finish that tower.

8 News Now Anchor Denise Valdez has the story. ... Read More

Fiore will speak her mind on bigger platform as mayor pro-tem

Michele Fiore speaks her mind.

Now in her role as mayor pro-tem, she will have an even larger platform. She will represent Las Vegas when the mayor is not available.

In an interview with the I-Team, Fiore talked about her priorities, and she addressed some previous controversies (complete interview in video at top):

VANESSA MURPHY, 8NewsNow I-Team: You have a reputation of not holding back, speaking your mind. Will that continue as mayor pro-tem?

FIORE: Oh absolutely.

MURPHY: How so?

FIORE: If you ask me something, Vanessa. I’m going to tell you the truth.

Fiore has made headlines with controversial statements that go back to her days in the Nevada Assembly... Read More

LIVE: A conversation with meteorologist Tedd Florendo about the monsoon season and why you should care

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now meteorologist Tedd Florendo has been in Las Vegas for several monsoon seasons and knows just how quickly a rain storm can turn deadly.

Tedd is taking and answering questions on Facebook. If you would like to send a questions, just click here... Read More

Web Extra: Michele Fiore

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Michele Fiore is the new Mayor Pro-Tem for the city of Las Vegas. In this extended interview, hear what she has to say about her new role and what her priorities will be going forward... Read More

Tech upgrades give officials better handle on imminent floods

Floodwaters rage through the Las Vegas valley.

The images from 20 years ago are still seared into the minds of many, including firefighters working on July 8, 1999.

“When I got to Rainbow, it was just a wall of water coming down Charleston,” Tim Szymanski of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue said. “I’d never seen anything like that.”

But officials today are more prepared for flooding, thanks to huge advances in technology and equipment.

“These events are going to happen and we have to be ready,” Todd Lericos, Meteorologist-In-Charge at the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, said.

The National Weather Service completed a $145 million upgrade to their radar network, allowing meteorologists to peer inside thunderstorms for better rainfall predictions.

“We’ve increased the accuracy of our warnings by 45 percent,” Lericos said. “And we’ve increased our lead time on those warnings by over 20 minutes... Read More

Motorcyclist identified in deadly hit-and-run crash

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Police are searching for a driver who fatally struck a motorcyclist and also hit several stopped cars.

Las Vegas police say a woman driving a white Nissan Altima ran a red light and crashed into a motorcycle on Saturday night.

Police say she then veered into the opposite lane and struck several stopped cars before jumping out and running away.

According to the Clark County Coroner’s Office, the motorcyclist has been identified as 59-year-old Thomas Robert Wallenta, a Navy veteran.

Wallenta was also hit by other cars after the collision and pronounced dead at a hospital. One other driver suffered minor injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call Las Vegas police... Read More

Dress as a cow for free Chick-fil-A on Tuesday

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Cow Appreciation Day means eat some chicken on Tuesday. At least that’s Chick-fil-A’s take on things.

The chain of 2,400 restaurants across the nation is giving away a free entree to any customer who visits Chick-fil-A dressed as a cow. Well, they at least have to have some kind of “cow attire,” according to a company news release.

The Tuesday, July 9, event lasts from opening until 7 p.m.

The giveaway options include the Egg White Grill or classic Chicken Biscuit during breakfast hours, or the Original Chicken Sandwich or Grilled Nuggets during lunch and dinner hours. Children can receive a free breakfast entrée during breakfast hours or a free Kid’s Meal during lunch and dinner hours for dressing in a cow costume.

According to the company, almost 2 million “cow-dressed customers” took part in the event in 2018... Read More