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Police Offer Few Details in Update Missing Dancer Case

LAS VEGAS -- The family of a missing Las Vegas dancer has more questions about her disappearance. The last person to see Debbie Flores-Narvaez was her ex-boyfriend, who is also accused of abusing her two months ago.

Las Vegas police detectives updated the case early Tuesday.

Jason "Blu" Griffith told police Flores-Narvaez came to his apartment and left after a few minutes. Police say he is only a person of interest because he saw Flores-Narvaez the night she disappeared.

This fall, Flores-Narvaez was pregnant with his child, but police don't know if she still was last week. They also said there is no evidence of foul play.

Read the arrest report for Jason "Blu" Griffith

Author Reveals Location of Dagger Worth Thousands

LAS VEGAS -- For two and a half years, more than 1,000 people have been searching Las Vegas for a hidden dagger worth $25,000. The novel Vegas Die holds clues to the treasure hunt, but no one was able to find the prize. 

Vegas Die is packed with clues around Las Vegas. A cryptologist couldn't break the code. One woman wrote a 30-page dissertation trying to solve the mystery. Others used Morse Code.

In the book, someone is killing the old mobsters of Sin City, and the mayor is the number one suspect. Readers of the interactive novel hunt for a hidden dagger that may or may not look like the one on the cover of the novel.

Mike Cowling is one of the treasure hunters called "questors." He tried to solve the codes buried within the pages of the crime-thriller, but could not find the hidden dagger.

Family of Killed Teacher Wants Closure

LAS VEGAS -- They were all violent robberies and one with a deadly ending. One week later, the group of suspects responsible is still on the run. Now Las Vegas police is asking for your help to put these criminals behind bars.

Over the past week, the small memorial for the teacher killed during one of those robberies has continued to grow. However, each day that has passed is one more day those responsible remain free and on the streets. Something many hope will soon change.

"We've got a lot of things working. We just don't have that one piece of the puzzle to put it together for us," said Metro Robbery Lt. Clint Nichols.

Several leads have come in, but no arrests. Police are now asking for your help to catch the group who brutally beat and robbed eight people last week.

"In reviewing all of these issues, we do not believe that the robbery was the primary motivator," said Lt. Nichols.

Chemical Causes Evacuation of Medical Center

LAS VEGAS -- The accidental release of pepper spray at Harmon Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital near Harmon Avenue and Eastern Avenue resulted in 20 people receiving treatment for respiratory irritation.

Officials say pepper spray was released in the building causing 20 people to suffer from various symptoms. Two people were transported to Desert Springs Hospital.

No New Answers for Family of Missing Dancer

LAS VEGAS -- Friends and family of Debbie Florez-Navarez are trying to keep their hopes up, but it has now been more than a week since the dancer disappeared.

Flores-Navarez was last seen a week ago. She is a dancer in the Fantasy show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. She was last seen leaving the Onyx Condos near Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

Friends, family and volunteers searched near the Luxor this weekend, but so far, there is no new information on where she might be.

Las Vegas police says they will be questioning her most recent ex-boyfriend, who was apparently the last person to see her.

"It was a bad break-up," said Debbie's sister Celeste Flores-Narvaez. "I'm hearing different stories that it was good, it was bad. There were times when she was upset about it."

Suspects in Nellis Airman's Murder May Face Death Penalty

LAS VEGAS -- All four suspects, including the wife of a Nellis Air Force Base airman, made their initial appearance in a Las Vegas courtroom Friday morning.

Michelle Paet, the wife of Nathan Paet, appeared via video conference along with Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, Corry A. Hawkins and Jessica Austin. All are accused of murdering and conspiracy to commit murder in the killing of Nathan Paet.

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Paet was gunned down in his home's garage as he prepared to go to work on Dec. 1. Police say the motive behind the killing was to cash in on Paet's life insurance policies worth $650,000.

Michelle Paet admitted to police she helped plan the murder and she was romantically involved with co-worker and suspect Michael Rodriguez.

Police Arrest 3 in Nellis Airman's Murder

LAS VEGAS -- Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Nellis airman who was shot to death in his garage last week as he prepared to leave for work.

Twenty-eight-year-old Staff Sergeant Nathan Paet was gunned down on Dec. 1. in his Mountain's Edge neighborhood. After being shot, he stumbled back into his home and died.

His wife and four children were asleep inside the home when the shooting happened, but neighbors say they saw one man take off running after the shooting.

Police have arrested 31-year-old Michael Rudolph Rodriguez, 33-year-old Corry A. Hawkins and 23-year-old Jessica Austin. All are facing murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges.

Paet was originally from Guam, and joined the Air Force in 2002. He and had been stationed in Arizona and Alaska before moving here in 2007. Tuesday, Nellis Air Force Base held a memorial service for Paet and his family.