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School Board Votes To Reject Money Saving Proposal

The Clark County School board votes to reject money saving proposal to accelerate plan to turn year round schools to 9 month schools. They will stick to only converting 21 of 76 schools to 9 month campuses.

CCSD CFO Jeff Wyler says accelerating that plan would save $8 million.

But teacher and support staff unions objected, saying it would leave their members effectively unpaid for 3 months out of the year.

Questions on Race over the Census

LAS VEGAS -- Most residents have received the 2010 census forms in the mail. There are 10 questions that should take about 10 minutes to fill out. But it's one question that's leaving some questioning how to answer it.

Question 9 is about race. It asks which race the primary owner or renter of the residence is. The challenge, those in the Hispanic community say, is there is no box for them to check because they can't identify with any of the races on the form.

"As I have traveled the state, I have seen and heard my fair share of questions about question number 9 and about our race and ethnicity questions," said David Byerman with the census. "We encourage people if they look at that questionnaire and they feel like their race is not listed on that questionnaire, that's what that empty box is for."

Hispanic advocate Miguel Barrientos says he has the answer for this mix up.

Lots Of Flavor and Big Portions at the Fat Greek

The Fat Greek is located on Decatur near Flamingo. This family run business knows how to do traditional Greek food, but brings in some nice fresh twists too. You will not leave hungry! Two people can eat there for less than $50 dollars and you'll have a doggie bag too. Leave room for dessert. Good sweets here.

Survey: Las Vegas is Growing and Residents Hopeful

LAS VEGAS -- Believe it or not, Las Vegas is growing. The new Las Vegas Perspective was released Tuesday detailing what parts of the valley grew, what shrank and where the city is going.

There's a lot of good news in the book. Surprisingly, the population grew despite the number of construction and other jobs lost.

The number of occupied houses also rose and so did the average household income.

The population surpassed 2 million in Clark County last year. All urban areas, with the exception of Boulder City, reported growth.

The average age in the valley is 36 and it's split almost 50-50 along gender lines.

Fifty-two-percent of residents are Caucasian, 28-percent are Hispanic, 9-percent are African American and 6-percent are Asian, along with a handful others.

Experts say most of the people surveyed are more concerned about health care and education than about the foreclosure crisis.

Woman Shot and Killed at Silver Pines Apartments

LAS VEGAS - One person is dead after a dispute between several people lead to a shooting at the Silver Pines apartment complex near Russell Road and Boulder Highway late Friday night.

According to police, shortly before 11:00pm Metro responded to call of a shooting and found an African American female dead in one of the apartments from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

Roughly an hour before the shooting there was a disturbance at the apartment between the victim and several other individuals. According to witnesses at the scene, an unknown African American male knocked on the apartment door then fired several rounds into the apartment striking the victim.

The suspect fled in an unknown direction and no description could be given.

CCSD Wants Community Input on School Budget Cuts

LAS VEGAS -- Parents, students, teachers, and other community members are now weighing in on the tough issue of school budget cuts. An online survey will gauge where everyone feels the cuts should or should not be made.

The 16 question survey only takes a few minutes to fill out.  The questions deal with critical issues such as campus security, school transportation, teacher layoffs, and even closing schools.

Strong opinions are pouring in. Some of the questions come as little surprise and garner a mixed reaction. For example,  should sports and extra-curricular activities be eliminated to save a combined $11 million dollars?

"Let the kids be kids; let them have their sports," said one parent.

"Out of everything, maybe it is sports I would cut," said another person.

Metro Police Arrest Student with Gun

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police say they have arrested a Clark County School District student for pointing a gun at two students at a bus stop Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred around 6:30 a.m. in the northeast part of the valley near Marion and Kell Lane. Metro Police said that two students were approached by another student on a bicycle and that student accused them of stealing his cell phone. The two students told police that the student on the bike showed them the handle of a gun that he had in his backpack.

Police say the two students at the bus stop ran to another bus stop. The student on the bicycle followed them and pulled out a gun out and pointed it at them. According to Metro, one of the students punched the suspect and grabbed the gun and backpack.