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I-Team: Nevada’s ancient rock art reveals mysterious figures

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some of the world’s most important and spectacular rock art is hidden in the rocks and valleys of Southern Nevada. Ancient petroglyphs, carved by the original Nevadans as many as 500 years ago,  depict otherworldly images of animals and creatures, including a mysterious figure found nowhere else on Earth. 

The I-Team took a jaunt into the desert to find “‘Pahranagat Man.” It is probably just a coincidence that  the alien-like figure of Pahranagat Man is found in Lincoln County and nowhere else. That same area of Nevada is central to our modern lore about alien beings, creatures from other worlds.

Report George Knapp and journalist Ken Layne look at petroglyphs in the Mount Irish area. (KLAS-TV)

But it is tricky to assign meaning to petroglyphs or to guess what the original artist was trying to convey... Read More

WEB EXTRA: Sen. Cory Booker, 7/6/2019

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Politics Now co-host Patrick Walker sits down with democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker.

The topics include immigration reform and the situation at the border, using executive orders on DACA, criminal justice reform and Nevada’s efforts at it, healthcare and how medicare-for-all mixes with the private insurance plans.

Booker also lays out why he thinks he can win the Nevada caucus with a good ground game and the help of some family that live in Las Vegas, including his mother. ... Read More

Henderson cost of living higher than Las Vegas, survey says

For an extra $142 a month, Las Vegans could find all the comforts of home up the road in Henderson.

A survey ranking the nation’s top cities puts the cost of living in Henderson at $1,780.84, slightly above the $1,638.55 you’ll spend for the same thing in Las Vegas. The main difference? Henderson rent is higher.

The move.org survey sets the cost of living based on rent, utilities, internet service, gas and groceries.

Most expensive place to live? San Francisco, with New York close behind. San Jose, Oakland and Boston round out the top five... Read More

With “Friends” like these, AT&T goes head-to-head with Netflix

NEW YORK (AP) — AT&T is pulling “Friends” from Netflix to beef up its own upcoming streaming service. With new services launching, popular shows are splintering onto several different platforms.

The wireless company, which owns the WarnerMedia entertainment business, also said Tuesday that its service will be called HBO Max. It will launch widely in spring of 2020.

As more companies — Comcast, Apple, Disney — unveil their own streaming services, they’re trying to make them more appealing with exclusive shows and deep libraries. Entertainment companies are pulling some of their stuff from Netflix to stock their own services. It’s not clear, of course, how successful those services will be, and they are losing out on licensing revenue by pulling their content... Read More

Deadly attacks came after threats almost every time, report finds

WASHINGTON (AP) — One-third of the attackers who terrorized schools, houses of worship or businesses nationwide last year had a history of serious domestic violence, two-thirds had mental health issues, and nearly all had made threatening or concerning communications that worried others before they struck, according to a U.S. Secret Service report on mass attacks.

The Secret Service studied 27 incidents where a total of 91 people were killed and 107 more injured in public spaces in 2018. Among them: the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, were 17 people were killed and 17 others injured, and the fatal attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh... Read More

Caesars buffet top Nevada restaurant in survey based on Yelp

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is rated as the top restaurant in Nevada in a new state-by-state survey produced by reviews.org.

“Known as one of the best buffets in Vegas, it definitely lived up to it,” the survey quotes from a Yelp review. “When you think of buffets, you think of quantity over quality, but this place had both. It is super crowded and may take some time to get in, but it is worth it in my opinion.” -Michael W., Honolulu, HI

Yelp ratings and reviews were used to select the top restaurant in each state.

Check the full survey for the top choice in other states... Read More

Crash closes Washington near Decatur

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Washington Avenue is closed in both directions near Decatur Boulevard due to a multi-vehicle crash, according to Metro Police.

The crash happened around 10:30 a.m. Five people were transported to the hospital. Motorists are advised to avoid the area... Read More