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Red Flag Exercises to Start Soon at Nellis AFB

NELLIS AFB, Nev. -- Southern Nevada residents may notice an increase in military aircraft in the skies over Las Vegas the last week of January.

Groups Bring Attention to Stalking

LAS VEGAS -- Calling attention to stalking is how some southern Nevada agencies hope will get more victims to report it. Stalking is many cases leads to domestic violence.

Nevada leads the nation when it comes to women being killed by men, in some cases as a result of stalking. It is typically women who fall victim to stalking, and what makes it so hard to report, is victims not keeping a log of how they are being stalked -- something as simple as the dates and time a so-called stalker threatened their space

Technology isn't making it any easier on these victims.

Candidates Prep for Las Vegas Mayoral Race

LAS VEGAS -- In just two weeks, Las Vegas residents with aspirations to become the city's next leader will be able to officially file to run for mayor. Mayor Oscar Goodman's reign as mayor will come to an end this year due to term limits.

Already, many are lining up to put their names on the ballot to be the next mayor. There are five people who have publicly announced their candidacy. If one of them doesn't get 50 percent of the vote on April 5th, then two remaining candidates face off June 7th.

The race to replace Goodman officially begins January 25th, when candidates can file for office. Some, like Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown, are already campaigning.

Brown, a former Las Vegas city councilman, is running on experience and envisions cutting costs at city government.

Plumbers Busy After Cold Weekend

LAS VEGAS -- Homeowners are dealing with a wet mess after pipes are freezing over and breaking. Plumbers are working non-stop to keep up with the calls they are getting.

This weekend alone, one plumbing company said they replaced at least 50 valves and pipes. Making house calls in cold conditions is something plumbers like Mark Fujita with the Honest Plumber are seeing more of during the recent cold snap.

"This year, we had a lot more of the pressure vacuum repairs than we did last year and it is mostly because of the constant cold," he said.

The calls vary from house to house. Some can be for broken outdoor pipes or some inside the home.

Pipes should be insulated and wrapped in plumbing tape. If not, homeowners can expect some problems.

Body Found Near Lake not Missing Dancer

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Coroner's Office says the body found yesterday near Lake Mead is not that of missing dancer Debbie Flores-Narvaez. The coroner will release the identity of the woman when the next of kin is notified.

Hikers found a female's burned body near Kingman Wash road yesterday morning. Las Vegas police say the call came in at about 11:30 a.m. Officers say two tourists found the burned body along the side of a dirt road.

"Our rangers responded. They were able to confirm that they were human remains. We had National Park Service special agents on scene to take a look at it," said Lake Mead National Recreation Area Public Affairs Officer Andrew Munoz.

The body was found on federal land in an area frequently visited by tourists and locals.

"This is a mildly popular area for locals. You can get access to the lake, popular for camping and fishing," Munoz said.

Rains Bring Flooding to Overton Neighborhood

OVERTON, Nev. -- Flooding on the Muddy River is surrounding several homes in Overton. The waters came too quick for families to get much more than a change of clothes from their homes.

Lewis Avenue in eastern Overton was flooded overnight. It came so quickly, families had to drop all of their Christmas preparations and just leave their homes. Friday, the neighborhood did everything they could to save the holiday.

"It's sad because everything we own is there. My grandkids, we all live there. Their gifts are still there," said resident Diana Garcia.

People living there were surprised at the speed the waters rose.

"We should have got packed and have everything ready to go, like they said. When it did come, five minutes. How did we know it was going to be five minutes from the time the water came to the time we had to get out," said John Garcia.

Damaging Floods Hit Southern Nevada

LAS VEGAS-- A flash flood warning has expired for north-central Clark County. Mesquite is still under a flood warning. Days of rain caused the Virgin River to flood, forcing residents to evacuate. Conditions are only expected to get worse.

The Virgin River crested above the flood stage in Mesquite early Wednesday morning. Voluntary evacuations are in place for residents. Flooding is reported east of Sage Way between East Mesquite Boulevard and East Old Mill Road.

Residents have put sandbags in front of their homes to prevent the water from coming in. The river crested around midnight, receding four feet. However, more storms are expected to hit the area.

The Mesquite Police Department began telling people who live near Beaver Dam and Littlefield, Arizona to evacuate before they were trapped. Four homes on the banks of the river were washed away.