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Actor's Band Pays Tribute to the Military | News

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Actor's Band Pays Tribute to the Military

The Cannery held a special concert for members of the armed forces as part of a military appreciation night, with one very recognizable face leading the band.

To some he's known as Detective Mac Taylor on CSI New York and to others probably just Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. But no matter where people recognize him from... Gary Sinise says the night wasn't about him, but instead supporting our troops.

From the young and the old, to those currently serving or retired, hundreds gathered to support military men and women.

"With all the negativity that's out towards the war lately, it lets them know even though you don't support the war, you support the troops," said Holly Keys, who is going into the air force.

"I mean they have a pretty good idea that America is behind them. But it's nice every once in a while for someone to make a big deal about it for them," said Major General Ted Kresge, USAF.

But the big deal for this event was CSI star Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan band. While they've spent plenty of time with the USO's tours playing for the troops around the world, their focus Sunday night was on the locals.

"There are a lot of folks stationed here and to do this military appreciation show is something that falls right in line in what I do, said Sinise.

The band started up in 2003 with hopes of showing troops their appreciation.

"In these dangerous time we live in, I feel it's the least I could do, to get out there and pat them on the back," Sinise said.

"It does mean a lot. And we cherish anyone can come in and do that for us," said Master Sgt.  Robert Books, USAF.   

Ann and George Gillroy who were around for the Vietnam war say troops who returned then were treated horribly.

"I would never want to see anything like that again so anytime we have to show our support for the troops we do it," said Ann Gillroy, supporting the troops.

But many soldier's say even without these types of events there are two simple words that mean a lot to them.

"Always say thank you. Take the time. It penetrates the heart more than you think it does," said Brooks.

Coincidentally on the same night as this concert, about 110 Nellis airmen returned home from Iraq. They had been deployed for six months providing support and saving lives through medical evacuation missions.