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Las Vegas Military Families Welcome Iraq War's End | News

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Las Vegas Military Families Welcome Iraq War's End

LAS VEGAS - After more than seven years, U.S. combat in Iraq is finally over. President Obama made the official announcement during a speech to the nation on Tuesday.

Blue Star mother Sandra Rios-Kuta was happy to hear the news. "There are thousands of moms and dads throughout the country that are excited and happy," she said.

Her 21-year-old son, Army Sgt. Kelly Floyd, served nine months in Iraq. He returned home a few weeks ago. "Once you hear, ‘I'm stateside,' it's just a sigh of relief," she said. "(You're) just blessed to hear that you have your child home."

Thousands of other families, however, never received that call. More than four thousand servicemen and women died in Iraq. Tens of thousands more were wounded. "I just hope that the Iraqi people just appreciate the service of our children," Rios-Kuta said.

She says regardless of people's opinions on the war or the strategies of President Obama and former President Bush, she says Americans should support the troops, especially now. "They are now veterans, and they are coming home," Rios-Kuta said. "They need just as much support now as they did when they were deployed."

While she's happy to have one son back from war, this military mother's worries aren't over yet. "My Marine is deploying to Afghanistan in November," she said. "So, the journey begins once again, just with another child."

This was Sgt. Floyd's first tour of duty. He is currently stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. He's coming back to Las Vegas to visit his family this week.