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Las Vegas Military Wife Fights to Save Home | News

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Las Vegas Military Wife Fights to Save Home

Some military families are fighting wars on two fronts. Not only do they have a loved one deployed overseas, they are also fighting to save their homes from foreclosure.

The Soldiers and Sailors Act protects those on active duty from foreclosure until their tour is done but Eyewitness News found one military family who got caught in a battle they didn't expect.

Soldiers living in Nevada expect to go overseas to fight the War on Terror. They leave never thinking that their spouse might be in a terrifying fight of their own against the banks.

"I don't want him to come home and not come home to the house." This Las Vegas military wife did not want Eyewitness News to show her face or use her name because she lives alone. Her husband shipped off to Iraq with his reservist unit last May. Two months before he left, the increased utility costs, gas, and other fees started to take a toll on their finances.

"We purchased a home about three years ago. I guess we thought we could afford it, but we cannot now. That is why we are asking for assistance," she said.

The home slipped into foreclosure after her husband left and when she does get to talk to him, she doesn't let on how serious things have become.

"Because he's already doing a lot out there. Being so far away from home does not help," she said.

She has turned to the Consumer Advocacy Group, a loan modification company.

"This particular case just makes us sick to our stomach," said Debbie Turnidge, Consumer Advocacy Group. Turnidge says they were able to stop the auction of the woman's home which was set for tomorrow.

"The response we got from their lender when we were talking to them about this was don't give me that sob story. I am an American too," Turnidge said.

Now the company is trying to help re-negotiate the home loan. The bank wants to refinance with an interest rate of 14% which is much higher than the original terms.

"I am very stressed out. It's a lot," the military wife said.

Countrywide Mortgage holds the loan. A spokesman for the company tells Eyewitness News they do not foreclose on families where a spouse is on active duty. But it appears this case almost fell through the cracks.