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Nevada Army National Guard Sends Cavalry to Afghanistan | News

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Nevada Army National Guard Sends Cavalry to Afghanistan

Over the weekend, hundreds of local soldiers geared up for an upcoming deployment. More than 600 will be heading to Afghanistan. The deployment is still a few months, but on Sunday, they were making sure everyone was ready.

The Nevada Army Guard's 1st squadron/221st Cavalry job will be two-fold. They will act as security forces for teams rebuilding the country and help keep civil order. It's a dangerous mission in an area that has become the central focus in the war on terror.

The solider's will be on an assignment that's going to involve combat with the Taliban on a day-to-day basis. So members of the unit were beginning refresher training for their mission. They were assembling their weapons and preparing the paperwork so that their families will get the benefits while they are away.

As soldiers, they say they prepare for battle and knew the possibility that they would be sent to war. But Medical Specialist Al Roberts says it's the emotional toll of being away from loved ones will be hard for both solders and their families to over come, "There is a lot that goes through my mind but there are a lot of guys that have been deployed that are helping me out."

Soldier James Allen Richard with the guard said, "All the training we've done is preparing for this and that training is what you say is physical and emotional and we go there." The guard will continue training for the Afghan mission in Fort Irwin California. Their tour of duty will last about a year. A guard spokesperson says this deployment will be Nevada's army guard's largest international deployment of one unit since World War II.