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Pilot in New York Crash Flew at Nellis | News

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Pilot in New York Crash Flew at Nellis

The US Airways pilot involved in a crash into the Hudson River in New York trained pilots at Nellis Air Force Base. According to his resume, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger was a former Mission Commander in Red Flag Exercises at Nellis.

Sullenberger was an F-4 pilot back in the 70's and was a "Flight Leader and Training Officer with experience in Europe, Pacific and at Nellis AFB, serving as Blue Force Mission Commander in Red Flag Exercises."

The cool-headed pilot maneuvered his crippled jetliner over New York City and ditched it in the frigid Hudson River on Thursday, and all 155 on board were pulled to safety as the plane slowly sank. It was, the governor said, "a miracle on the Hudson."

The US Airways Airbus A320 bound for Charlotte, N.C., struck a flock of birds just after takeoff minutes earlier at LaGuardia Airport, apparently disabling the engines.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)