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Valley couple pushes for an end to dog and cat meat trade overseas |

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Valley couple pushes for an end to dog and cat meat trade overseas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After 8 News NOW received such a positive response from Thursday’s story about four dogs rescued from the South Korean meat trade, Reporter Sasha Loftis decided to check in on two pups who previously scored a second chance with an American family.

Starz and Bonnie lived months of their lives beaten and neglected in cages; they were on their way to die. Now, their valley family wants to help all dogs like them find the same fate.

“She’s fitting in really, really well,” Angela Berkowitz said of Bonnie, who they adopted just over a month ago.

“I think in the beginning she was very shy and timid,” Art Berkowitz added about their dog, Starz. “Even though you see a little bit of it now.”

Both dogs came from the South Korean meat trade, but are now living the rest of their lives with peace and joy.

As they adjust, the Berkowitzs want to shed light on the horrors happening around the world.

“People need to know the brutality that goes on over there,” Angela told 8 News Now. “And how these dogs are treated.”

The United States Senate passed the “Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 last September. It prevents the slaughter of these animals for human consumption across our country.

However, in South Korea and parts of China, dogs and cats are still tortured for humans to eat.

“If you saw it, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night,” Angela said. “That’s how bad it is.”

Activists overseas are trying to turn things around, but the Berkowitzs told 8 News Now we can all help here at home. Every conversation gets them one step closer to change, so all dogs can live their days the way they deserve.

“It’s not going to happen today. “It’s not going to happen tomorrow,” Art said. “It’s not going to fix it a year from now, but people are talking about it now.”

“Human beings have a lot to learn from them,” Art added about his dogs.

Local animal rescue, Retriever Rescue of Las Vegas, is still working to get 40 rescued dogs from South Korea to America. If you’d like to help, go here.