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Politics Now: 11/20/2021 |

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Politics Now: 11/20/2021

This week on Politics Now with host John Langeler:

- CCSD Board of Trustees votes to un-fire Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara. Will he take his job back or take the money and run? And what will it take for the Board to get on the same page?

- We look at the redistricting maps and how they have shifted around the Hispanic population in Clark County and the congressional districts.

-A man who cast his dead wife's ballot gets a lecture from a judge.

- Lieutenant Governor candidate Stavros Anthony tells us why he thinks he is best suited for the job. And how the republican wants to cut regulations for small businesses if he gets it.

- Infrastructure passed, now the focus in the Biden administrations' "Build Back Better" plan. What hurdles it faces and what Nevada's delegation is saying about it.

-We explain a ballot initiative that would create both open primaries and created ranked-choice voting in Nevada.