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Driver crashes through wall and into home's swimming pool, Police suspect impairment |

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Driver crashes through wall and into home's swimming pool, Police suspect impairment

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Police are investigating an incident where a driver crashed through a wall and into a swimming pool Wednesday morning.

The crash happened at a home near Bermuda and Windmill around 3 a.m.

8NewsNow's Kate Houston spoke to the homeowner as they assessed the damage.

Concrete, debris, and car parts were still littered across the backyard as the homeowner tells us it is going to be tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

"I've lived in this house for 24 years, and I've never seen a car come through the fence any place," Victor Estes, the homeowner said.

Estes says his wife was home when a Dodge Durango smashed through his backyard wall and plunged into the pool - saying it sounded like a bomb.

"Heard the tires screeching, then heard the crash, came downstairs and he was climbing out," Estes added.

Concrete, rocks, & car parts are littered across a homeowners yard after a car smashed through their wall this morning.

This happened near Bermuda and Windmill.

On @8NewsNow at 5 we hear from the homeowner as they assess the damage. I’ll have the latest on the investigation. pic.twitter.com/LxC8nhw9X9

— Kate Houston (@katehouston_tv) November 24, 2021

Now there is a gaping hole in the concrete wall and large chunks of the fence and rock in the pool. Part of the bumper is still there -- with an Oregon license plate.

Estes says the car floated for hours, contaminating the water with oil and anti-freeze.

"The pool will have to be drained and replastered, and probably the deck will have to be done because it's all tore up," Estes said.

Police suspect the driver was impaired. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

"He had to have been going fast enough to lose control and have enough speed left going sideways to go through the wall."

Despite this happening right before the holidays, Estes is thankful his wife, the driver and his dog made it out okay.

"You've got no control over stuff like this. No control. Nobody was badly hurt, so that's the important thing," Estes said.