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Neighborhood welcomes new police substation |

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Neighborhood welcomes new police substation

For the first time in six years, Metro Police opened a new area command to better serve neighborhoods in the west valley.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo called it a momentous occasion that will help keep the Spring Valley community safe. It's located at Sahara Avenue and Durango Drive.

Not only will it mean more services available for the public, it will mean more officers patrolling the streets. And that's welcome news to some residents.

"I had my house broken into twice," said Mike Medenica, a Spring Valley homeowner." "I had the locks changed twice."

Weeks after buying his home, Medenica became the victim of a crime. Both times, he filed police reports with the Enterprise Area Command, which was the nearest police station to his home. Nothing was ever resolved.

"From what I heard from them, they get 4,000 complaints a day from people in Vegas so they're busy all the time," he said.

Medenica now has the Spring Valley Area Command less than a mile away from his home.

The 101 officers assigned to the Spring Valley Area Command will patrol 31 square miles in the west valley which had previously been covered by the Enterprise and Bolden Area Commands.

"Cops make a difference -- and more importantly -- we need cops to prevent crime versus respond to crime," said Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

The officers have been shifted from other area commands.

"What we did is in our specialized units, we haven't been replacing people as they leave, they exit out, they retire or they transfer and things like that," Sheriff Lombardo said.

He promises to backfill those positions as soon as he can.

In the meantime, Sheriff Lombardo says the new area command will help reduce response times.

"I think that's going to be a wonderful step up from the police because their response time is, was kind of slow here," said Jehmill Westerfield, Spring Valley resident.

He called police recently for some vandalism on his street and says it took officers about 45 minutes to respond.

Westerfield is optimistic about his new neighbors and the future of his community.

"I think, hands down, if they're there and they're diligent in their work, it will definitely make the community safe and it's definitely going to cut that response time."

Metro's traffic division was previously located in Spring Valley but it's been moved to a location near Russell Road and Valley View Boulevard.