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New concern arises in Southern Highlands neighborhoods near blasting sites |

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New concern arises in Southern Highlands neighborhoods near blasting sites

Blasting for a new housing development has neighbors in the Southern Highlands area worried about damage to their homes and now to their safety.

Southern Highlands neighbors made a startling discovery over the weekend at the construction site where the blasts have been going on. First, the site was virtually unsecured until Saturday. Since then, two "No Trespassing" signs have been put up.

The signs weren't in place when Howard McCarley found some wires and red tubes that ran underground while walking his dog around the construction site.

"It looks like somebody left some charges out there the last time they were blasting," McCarley said.

He isn't just a nearby homeowner, he spent 30 years in underground construction in the bay area.

The site, now only partially closed off by a limited orange mesh netting.

To see something like that you know, still out there, underground, uncontrolled on a site that's open to anybody who cares to go up there. It's a matter of concern," McCarley said.

Now his concern has shifted from damage to his house to the dirtbikers and the high school students who walk home by this site after school.

In fact, McCarley told us he called both the police and fire department but the fire department never showed up. 8 News NOW shared the pictures with Clark County government over the weekend after seeing the images, Public Information Officer Dan Kulin gave this statement on behalf of the Department of Building and Fire Prevention,

"After every blast the contractor makes sure all the charges detonated. The wire you are seeing appears to be the typical debris you would see after a detonation. We do not believe there is anything to be concerned about. As we routinely respond to concerns from residents we will in this case also to make sure it is safe."

Kulin, however has not confirmed whether fire investigators have actually been on site to investigate.

8 News NOW spoke with Commisioner Susan Brager Monday who said she plans to hold a private meeting Tuesday. She's invited the EPA, the county building department as well as comprehensive planning and the building developers legal council. Neighbors say they were told their legal council can not be present at the meeting.