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Report details how murder suspect escaped, was recaptured; suspect claims self-defense |

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Report details how murder suspect escaped, was recaptured; suspect claims self-defense

The shooting happened on Aug. 28 in the parking lot of a McDonald's located at 3010 Las Vegas Boulevard.

When North Las Vegas Police officers arrived at the scene, the victim, Mohammad Nestor-Robinson was found lying in the Walgreens parking lot next door to the Mc Donald's.

According to the arrest report, Nestor-Robinson ended up in the Walgreens parking lot because he took off running during the shooting. Officers said as Nestor-Robinson laid on the ground he could be heard saying," I shouldn't have called her a b^$*#."

Nestor-Robinson told North Las Vegas Police he had been in an argument with Perez and a woman before he was shot. Right after the shooting, a silver four-door sedan, later revealed as the vehicle Perez was in, was seen fleeing the area by numerous people.

So what sparked the argument?

According to the arrest report, Nestor-Robinson's friend, Juan Benitez, told them the two were going to McDonald's for lunch, and as they entered the door, the door struck a woman, to which Nestor-Robinson allegedly responded, "that's what your butch a#$ gets," Benitez said.

The woman asked Nestor-Robinson what he said, and he repeated, and that's when she told him to meet her outside, the report said. The two exchanged more words with each other and according to witnesses, Nestor-Robinson called her a b#$%h.

Nestor-Robinson walked away from the woman and went into the restroom. While he was in the restroom, a Hispanic male, later identified as Alonso Perez, came into the fast food restaurant looking for him.

At some point, Nestor-Robinson left the restroom and went outside, and that's when Benitez said he heard shots ring out. Nestor-Robinson died from his injuries at the hospital.

So how was Perez caught?

It all started unfolding on Aug. 31, three days after the shooting. According to the arrest report, a woman, called officers about the shooting because she thought the suspect officers were looking for was her ex-boyfriend Luis Ramirez-Ceballos.

The woman and Metro officers met with North Las Vegas Police who showed her a picture of Perez and the woman he was with, but the only person she could identify was the woman.

The woman told officers the woman in the photo who got into an argument with Nestor-Robinson was Brittanie Dougherty. She told police Dougherty worked with her ex to kidnap her, according to the report.

Both Ramirez-Ceballos and Dougherty were taken into police custody by Metro Police. They were taken to the NLVPD detective bureau to be interviewed.

While at the police station, Dougherty told officers that Ramirez-Ceballos didn't have anything to do with the deadly shooting of Nestor-Robinson, the report said.

Detectives said Dougherty identified herself on the surveillance video and told officers the person responsible for killing Nestor-Robinson was a guy by the name of Largo. Dougherty Identified Largo as Perez.

Dougherty said she got into an argument with Nestor-Robinson after he called her a "f*#$&^% b@*!#." She said he called her that name because she didn't hold the door for him while he was walking into McDonald's.

Dougherty said when she returned outside she told Perez what had happened and he got extremely angry about what Nestor-Robinson had done. Dougherty said Perez looked for Nestor-Robinson and shot him before fleeing the scene.

Perez was found on Sept. 2 and taken into custody by North Las Vegas Police. However, when detectives left Perez alone in the interviewing room, he broke the handcuffs and escaped.

The report said he fled through the ceiling. Police said he stole a 2016 Ford F-250 pickup truck. However, officers found the car, and that's when they found Perez. He was captured again by law enforcement officers on Sept. 6.

When questioned about the crime, the arrest report said Perez claimed he thought Nestor-Robinson had a gun when he was waving his arms around, so he shot him in self-defense.

Officers said during the interview Perez also had a panic attack and started crying saying that he wanted an attorney, so the interview came to an end.

Perez was rebooked for murder with a deadly weapon based on his admission of shooting Nestor-Robinson.