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1 dead following shooting at Starbucks |

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1 dead following shooting at Starbucks

Metro Police are investigating a deadly shooting at a Starbucks on West Warm Springs Road and Rainbow Boulevard Sunday afternoon.

At least one person was transported to Spring Valley Hospital and later died according to police. It is unknown at this time what the motive for this incident is.

"That's what weighed on us immediately. They're in danger," witness Bryan Dunlap said. "If this situation even gets worse, because we heard, remember, in the beginning of the story, hearing bomb, hostage, all kinds of things. So, all you can think about is their welfare and not being able to see some of them again if something was really going bad."

Police said one person was detained in connection with this investigation, and the surrounding businesses were evacuated.

Metro Police say the man responsible for the shooting was very deceptive and called 911 himself trying to throw off police after the shooting.

The situation caused a lot of confusion among responding officers who had little information at the scene.

Detectives tell 8 News NOW the suspect initially came out of the Starbucks with other patrons when they were getting people to safety. Once they got conflicting information from other witnesses, officers realized they had a murderer hiding among the crowd of evacuees.

Once police were able to secure the scene, officers rushed inside the coffee shop to get the victim, who had been shot. The victim was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Police say the suspect got into an argument with a man inside the store after his credit card was rejected at the drive thru. The victim appears to be a customer in the store, not an employee.

The suspect shot the victim in the chest and then fired twice into the air according to homicide detectives.

Armored trucks, the bomb squad and FBI agents came to the scene, because, once the suspect was arrested, he told Metro Police there was a bomb in his backpack.

Responders used a robot to investigate the bag and didn't find anything dangerous.

Dunlap says he's a regular at the Starbucks and was stopping by the store to get coffee on the way to church with his family, when he saw the complex full of police.

Investigators could release the name of the suspect Monday.