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Neighbors stage protest near blasting site |

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Neighbors stage protest near blasting site

Blasting continues for a new multi-million dollar home development called Highland Hills in the southwest part of the Las Vegas valley near the Southern Highlands neighborhood.

Homeowners in the area held a meeting Tuesday night and are now taking more than just legal action. They are hoping enough neighbors speak up about damage to their homes to move forward with a class action lawsuit.

In the meantime, many of them are having a hard time staying silent as they watch more damage develop in their homes. They've started protesting and handing out flyers near the blast zone.

Patricia McCarley is fed up and wants to get the word out.

"Giving people information about what is actually going on and how long it's going to go on."

She's protesting the blasts which she says is causing major damage in her Southern Highlands neighborhood. Homeowners claimed the blasting has cracked walls and counter tops.

"Partly because I know what lives out there which is coyotes and the tortoises and all that," she said. "And the fact that it's damaging something that most of us have paid dearly for."

Over the past week, she set out signs and passed out nearly 70 flyers about the blasts encouraging nearby residents to check for damage in their own homes

She tells a passing driver that the blasts happen every Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and to be prepared for the shaking and the dirt.

"I have no control over it. This is all I can do," McCarley said.

The blasts which started near the end of June have become a weekly headache for nearby residents.

Matthew Callister, the attorney for a number of nearby homeowners, including McCarley, says he's received reports of damage from at least 50 homeowners after meeting with them on Tuesday.

"Theres a large number of homeowners who are not aware because they're not here during the days when the blasting goes off," Callister said. "They need to contact us so we can include them in the litigation and make sure that their homeowner rights are protected."

McCarley says a number of neighbors have applauded her persistence and appreciate the information. However, she said a number of construction workers have been rude -- two of them flipped her off when she was handing out flyers last week.

8 News NOW has tried yet again to get a comment from the construction company about that behavior and also to find out when this blasting will be over but have not heard back.