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Father shot by unknown suspect while arguing with mother of child |

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Father shot by unknown suspect while arguing with mother of child

Metro Police searched all day Wednesday for a suspect who shot and killed a man Tuesday night.

The deadly shooting happened at an apartment complex near S. Durango and W. Tropicana Avenue.

According to officers, an ex-couple were fighting over their child when a third person got involved, and the confrontation ended in gunfire.

Neighbors were shaken by what happened.

"I just heard the loud screaming from the front of our house," said Yanel Mercado, a witness to the altercation between the ex-couple.

Mercado lived across from the woman who police say was fighting with the father of her child over custody issues. According to Mercado, the argument spilled over into the parking lot.

"She was really mad; really upset; really loud and she was asking for her keys," Mercado said.

Mercado told police she recalled hearing the woman go back into her apartment while talking on the phone about the fight she was having with her ex-boyfriend. She said she saw the woman go outside and continue to fight with her ex-boyfriend, but then, suddenly another man drove up and got involved.

"Then I heard the gunshot, and I was like, I was like 'somebody got shot'," Mercado said.

Other residents in the neighborhood said they also only heard a single gunshot.

"Even my boyfriend this morning said 'we heard a gunshot last night and somebody lost their life'," according to Cheyenne Osburn.

Metro Police said the driver pulled a small assault rifle from his car before fatally shooting the woman's ex-boyfriend.

The suspect was last seen leaving the area in in a dark-colored sports car, possibly a Dodge Challenger. Metro investigators say the ex-couple's child was inside a car at the time of the shooting but was not injured.

"It's very shocking because it's like, I got kids too, so I don't really let them come outside. Now, I know why," said Byron Bullie, neighbor.

Police are not saying if the shooter knows the man and woman or if he may live at the same apartment complex.

The man and woman's child, who was present during the shooting, is currently with relatives. No one was arrested.