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Hostage recounts terrifying experience during barricade |

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Hostage recounts terrifying experience during barricade

8 News NOW has learned there were two hostages during a five-hour standoff with police Wednesday in a southwest Las Vegas neighborhood.

Metro officers were initially called out to a home for a domestic disturbance and when they arrived they encountered an armed man.

The suspect exchanged gunfire with police before barricading himself in a neighbor's home near Robindale Road and Decatur Boulevard.

One of the hostages describes the neighbor as a "ticking time bomb" saying he's seen his aggressive behavior in the past.

The suspect ran from his home to the neighbor's house where the neighbor and a friend were taken hostage.

"He told us he was going to kill us and then kill himself," said Doug Horwich, neighbor.

It was a near-death experience for Doug Horwich and his friend who's visiting from out of town.

The homeowner says he was waiting for a cable provider Tuesday morning while he was working from his home office upstairs.

When he heard commotion downstairs, he thought his friend was talking to a company representative, but he wasn't.

"Found a semi-automatic rifle pointed at my head with a gentleman I identified as my next door neighbor, who had broken into the house," Horwich said.

He says the suspect, identified by relatives as Edison Somera, came in through the backyard. Horwich remembers staying calm and trying to listen to his armed neighbor, who appeared agitated.

"He was talking about his girlfriend was, you know, going to cut it off with him and we tried to reason with him," Horwich said. He was extremely hostile. He had us at gunpoint."

Horwich seized an opportunity while Somera was moving them upstairs and he ran for his life.

"You're not really thinking much. I mean, I ran down screaming 'help, help, because I had no idea that the police were already here."

The frantic neighbor says following his escape, Somera exchanged gunfire with police for a second time. Bullet holes can be seen around the neighborhood, including in homes, cars, and windows.

"When shots were fired, I didn't know if he was dead or alive," Horwich said.

After more than five hours, the second hostage was released and the suspect taken into custody.

"I hope he spends the rest of his life in a maximum security prison because he's a very hostile person, he's a danger to everyone who comes in contact with him and he should never see the light of day," Horwich said.

8 News NOW is told the second hostage is doing "pretty well."

The suspect's family is at the home but did not want to speak about the incident.