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Animal hospital reopens for business after shooting |

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Animal hospital reopens for business after shooting

A local animal hospital is getting back to business after an off-duty police officer fired his gun in an attempt to stop a robbery Monday afternoon.

Employees say a man wearing a bandanna covering his face walked into the animal hospital just after 2:30 and went up to one of the receptionists and demanded cash.

It was at that point, an off-duty police officer intervened. The employees say there was a fight and that's when the officer fired his gun.

"I initially heard something up front and I was coming down the hall when I heard the shots fired and that's when the doctor and myself interacted in the hallway and -- first and foremost -- he wanted to make sure everyone in his building was safe and protected," said Julie Johnson, West Flamingo Animal Hospital.

Police say the suspect took off but they caught up with him later near Arville and Viking where he barricaded himself and was later arrested.

As for the off-duty officer, he suffered a cut to his head during the fight and was taken to University Medical Center where he was treated.

No one else was hurt.

People who work at the hospital say they were a little rattled after everything but grateful for the officer's actions.