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Acts of Kindness: Audrey Rosenstein | News

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Acts of Kindness: Audrey Rosenstein

LAS VEGAS - Audrey Rosenstein's passion is all about making a difference in a child's life.

"I always say people excel at what they have a passion for in life," she said. "It gets me going in the morning. It's always on my mind."

Rosenstein runs Peggy's Attic - a hidden treasure located behind Child Haven at 701 N. Pecos Road. The donation cottage serves children who are under protective care.

"This is my hardest population to serve," Rosenstein said.

She helped open the attic in 2001. The cottage is designed like a department store. Approximately ten children per day come through the attic's doors - selecting among the gently used clothing and supplies. The children are allowed to choose three outfits and a toy.

"Giving them something that is theirs, that nobody is going to take from them - children give you a hug, always a thank you," Rosenstein said.

Peggy's Attic runs solely on community donations. The cottage is always looking for items, especially clothing for teen girls, sneakers for girls and boys, and toiletry and cosmetic items.

Rosenstein runs the center strictly as a volunteer. It's been a labor of love for her and her large family, which includes 12 children.

"They know this is mom's life. They come out here on weekends with me, help sort and put away. They've been involved," she said. "I've been a foster parent for eleven and a half years. I'm proud to say I am an adoptive mom of seven right now. I have five biological children. I have a dozen children right now."

"People always say these children are so lucky. We say we're the lucky ones. They give us so much every day - unconditional love," she said.

With such a huge family and a full-time volunteer job, time management is important.

"Structure, I can't deviate from schedule. I'm in huge trouble if I do," she said. "I have support at home, older children, my husband, flexibility. We balance. We make it work."

"Her life is such an inspiration. Her life is a witness to what it can be to really believe in something and follow through on it," said Peggy's Attic volunteer Ali Caliendo.

8 News NOW decided to reward Audrey Rosenstein's efforts – awarding her $800 in this week's edition of Acts of Kindness.

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