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Bail jumps to $1.3M for man accused in 'horrific' sex abuse case | News

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Bail jumps to $1.3M for man accused in 'horrific' sex abuse case

LAS VEGAS -- A judge on Thursday increased the bail to $1.3 million for a man's reported involvement in what's been called a "horrific" sex ring.

On Wednesday, Metro Police released  the full arrest report detailing what they have called one of the “worst cases” of child sexual abuse in Clark County.

The report reveals there were numerous victims ranging in age from 3 to 16 years old over a 12-year period. Police have said it is possible there could be more victims.

According to police, Christopher Sena, 48, Deborah Sena, 48, and Terrie Sena, 44, are accused of the acts that mostly took place at a mobile home in northeast Las Vegas. Christoper was arrested in September and the two women were arrested last week. All are being held in the Clark County Detention Center on multiple charges. 

One of the victims told police the abuse started around the age of 13 or 14 years old and that Christopher videotaped everything.

The victims said Christopher would threaten them by saying if they told anyone he would "kill" them or “break their legs,” the arrest report read.

According to police, another victim said initially Christopher didn't want  his ex-wife Terrie or Deborah, his current wife, to find out what was going on.

Detectives said Christopher told Deborah if she “loved him, she would do it.” 

According to the arrest report, in September Deborah and one of the victims went to the Southern Nevada Children's Assessment Center to report the alleged abuse which initiated the investigation.

The report said one victim told police she believed some of her friends may have also been sexually assaulted by Christopher. The victim said he would repeatedly ask her to have her friends come over wearing bathing suits and sometimes Christopher would take her friends into his office. 

Police confiscated numerous videos and pictures showing the alleged sexual assaults against minors.  However, due to varying ages, detectives said, it was hard to identify some of the victims.

The 58 counts against Christopher Sena are as follows:

  •  7 counts Lewdness with a Child under 14
  • 18 counts Sexual Assault with a Child under 14
  •  7 counts of Sexual Assault with a Child under 16
  •  2 counts Incest
  •  9 counts Possession of Visual Presentation Depicting Sexual Conduct of a Child
  •  4 counts Use Minor Under the age of 14 as Subject of Sexual Portrayal in a Performance
  •  2 counts Promotion of Sexual Performance with a minor
  •  1 count Preventing or Dissuading Witness or Victim from Reporting Crime or Commencing Prosecution
  •  6 counts Child Abuse or Neglect and Conspiracy to Commit Sexual Assault committed on or about Jan. 2001- May 2014
  •  2 counts Coercion

Christopher remains at the Clark County Detention Center. His attorney said he will plead not guilty.

Terrie Sena and Deborah Sena are being held without bail. Deborah and Terrie Sena face a combined 27 counts which are the same as Christopher Sena's. Terrie Sena who was a substitute teacher with the Clark County School District was removed from the list of subs after her arrest.

Both women appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court for the first time Monday and were assigned legal counsel on Tuesday.

The defendants will be back in court on Dec. 19 for a status update.