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Woman arrested in dog mauling case, victim critical | News

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Woman arrested in dog mauling case, victim critical
Jesse Vonstaden

 LAS VEGAS -- A woman is facing charges following a dog attack that left a 67-year-old woman severely injured causing her to nearly lose an eye and arm.

Jesse Vonstaden, 29, was arrested on charges of having dangerous or vicious dogs and willful disregard for the safety of persons or property.

Metro Police Officer Larry Hadfield says mixed-breed pit bulls dogs attacked the woman who was in her yard last Friday outside her home in northeast Las Vegas after somehow getting loose from a nearby yard.The woman is still listed in critical condition. She has a broken arm and broken leg. She nearly lost and eye and a significant amount of muscle in her arm. More than 100 stitches were needed to close her injuries.

Vonstaden was not home at the time her four dogs escaped from the yard. Police said there had been previous complaints the dogs loose in the neighborhood.

Christine Copeland says she knew her neighbors' dogs might be dangerous.

“We had a nice peaceful neighborhood until they moved over,” Copeland said. “To do that kind of damage is just shocking.”

Police say three of the four dogs referred to as pit bull mixes attacked the 67-year-old woman who was gardening down the block leaving her with a hundred stitches, a broken arm and leg, and loss of a muscle in an arm since a dog ripped it off.

"We are treating this case very seriously because of the injuries," said Metro Police Captain Matt McCarthy.

A man who came to the woman's rescue was also injured. Police who responded to the scene ended up shooting one of the dogs and three others were impounded by animal control.

McCarthy says animal control visited Von Staden four times before the attack for the dogs being loose, unfed and without water, and fighting with each other.

A court hearing is set for the dog owner Wednesday and also faces unrelated traffic charges.