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Man suspected of killing, hiding body under floor has violent past | News

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Man suspected of killing, hiding body under floor has violent past

LAS VEGAS -- The 58-year-old man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and hiding the body underneath a floor was charged in previous incidents involving rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

According to records, Valentine Kaul was convicted of sexual assault in Wisconsin in 1984 and rape in Washington in 1991. Kaul was required to register as a sex offender, but according to the Nevada Sex Offender Registry he has been non-compliant.

Court records show Kaul has been in trouble in Las Vegas, as well. He was charged for domestic battery three times and DUI, among other charges.

Metro police found the woman's body at Kaul's home Friday night. Authorities have not released the identity of the woman yet.

Kaul's ex-girlfriend, Angela Hough, said she took on an office assistant job at his mechanic shop. They began dating and she said after a few months he started to get jealous and very possessive of her. She recalls him yanking her cell phone from her and not letting her talk to her close friends. She said he become so violent she thought he was going to kill her.

"There was a point where he tied me up to the bathroom and was threatening my life; beating me, kicking me," said Hough. "I've lost most of my hearing in my right ear. I still have a scar where he would burn me with things."

Hough said the abuse became so bad, she knew she had to do something to make it stop.

"Then he started to abuse me. Hit me with things and threatened my life and steal everything I had including keys to my car, my purse, wallet and IDs, and hide it so that I had no way to leave except for running on foot, which is what I did," said Hough.

She said she managed to escape from him, but has been fearful of him ever since. 

Kaul is scheduled to be in court April 8 on charges for murder.