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Nellis Troops Return from Iraq

The long Labor Day weekend was extra special for family and friends of 100 airmen stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas.

Members of the 58th and 66th Rescue Squadrons and the 763rd Maintenance Squadron returned home Sunday night after a four-month mission in Iraq.

The airmen performed combat rescue operations, as well as medical and humanitarian missions while stationed north of Baghdad. Lt. Col. Thomas Dorl, commander of the 66th squadron, said all who deployed returned safely, with the last of the group scheduled to return later this week with equipment.

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Actor's Band Pays Tribute to the Military

The Cannery held a special concert for members of the armed forces as part of a military appreciation night, with one very recognizable face leading the band.

To some he's known as Detective Mac Taylor on CSI New York and to others probably just Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. But no matter where people recognize him from... Gary Sinise says the night wasn't about him, but instead supporting our troops.

From the young and the old, to those currently serving or retired, hundreds gathered to support military men and women.

"With all the negativity that's out towards the war lately, it lets them know even though you don't support the war, you support the troops," said Holly Keys, who is going into the air force.

"I mean they have a pretty good idea that America is behind them. But it's nice every once in a while for someone to make a big deal about it for them," said Major General Ted Kresge, USAF.

Police Use Pepper Spray to Stop School Fight

Police had to use pepper spray during a fight at a local high school.

School police say the fight between three girls started outside t0he Chaparral High School cafeteria. Police say when they tried to break it up, the students locked arms and the officer used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

The three girls were arrested for fighting on campus.

Nellis Plane Catches Fire After Landing

The U.S. Air Force says a plane was damaged while landing at Nellis Air Force Base but no one was injured.

The aircraft, an E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system, was returning from a mission late Friday night when the problem occurred. The 32-person crew got out of the plane safely. Emergency responders extinguished a fire after the landing.

An Air Force statement did not provide additional details. The Air Force plans an investigation.    The aircraft is flown by the 552nd Air Control Wing, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., according to a statement on the Nellis Air Force Base Web site.

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Las Vegas Military Wife Fights to Save Home

Some military families are fighting wars on two fronts. Not only do they have a loved one deployed overseas, they are also fighting to save their homes from foreclosure.

The Soldiers and Sailors Act protects those on active duty from foreclosure until their tour is done but Eyewitness News found one military family who got caught in a battle they didn't expect.

Soldiers living in Nevada expect to go overseas to fight the War on Terror. They leave never thinking that their spouse might be in a terrifying fight of their own against the banks.

"I don't want him to come home and not come home to the house." This Las Vegas military wife did not want Eyewitness News to show her face or use her name because she lives alone. Her husband shipped off to Iraq with his reservist unit last May.

Officers Shoot Man in Northeast Las Vegas

Neighbors are speaking out after Metro Police shoot a man in a neighborhood near Nellis and Gowan. That man is now in critical condition.

According to an eyewitness, police arrived to the Kensington Mobile Home Park at 8 p.m.  Friday night. Police were responding to a call about a man with a gun when Ernest Gibbs was coming out of his friend's trailer. He had a bowie knife and when police came in contact with him, things turned for the worst.

"As he was coming out, officers instructed him to get down. The suspect at that time chose not to listen," said an eyewitness.

Police say Gibbs pulled a large object from underneath his shirt. Officers thought it was a gun and fired their weapons. A neighbor says two police officers were involved in the shooting, both are on paid administrative leave.

Gibbs was shot in the stomach area. He was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Emotional Testimony in Alleged DUI Case

There was emotional testimony Wednesday in the trial of a man accused of driving under the influence of prescription drugs when he hit two women waiting at a bus stop.

One of those victims died and the other, Porsche Hughes lost both of her legs. On Wednesday morning, she got the opportunity to look at the accused face to face as she testified in court. This is the first ever vehicular homicide case to be tried in Nevada. If convicted, Steven Murray faces life in prison.

Surviving victim Porsche Hughes told Eyewitness News that it took everything inside of her to control her emotions while she testified.

"I looked at the bus stop and I saw pieces of my scrub pants as well as flesh and blood and I felt the pain and it wasn't until I looked down that I seen my skin and chunks of my legs falling.