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Education Association Looking for Classroom Superheroes | Education & Schools

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Education Association Looking for Classroom Superheroes

The Clark County Education Association is looking for the teachers, staff and parents who are going above and beyond to help students succeed. The effort to find and honor those people is part of American Education Week, which started Monday.

Sharon Flick from Cunningham Elementary School and Theo Small of Sandy Miller Elementary School are just two of 70 teachers and support staff that have been nominated for the program called Classroom Superheroes.

Flick says teaching is not always easy but it is always rewarding, especially when former students recognize the effort she has made.

"They find me in the strangest places (and say,) 'You were my third grade teacher and it was the best year of my life,'" Flick said. "I ask them, 'What did I do?' (They say,) "It was the best thing: you cared. You always cared.'"

Small says when it comes to reaching and inspiring kids, teachers must think outside of the classroom.

“We just got back from the Grand Canyon. We were able to take them because I personally have an interest and passion in geology and nature and the preservation and letting children have the chance to learn outside,” Small said.

Ruben Murillo with the Clark County Education Association says the superhero program is a way for people in the community to say thank you.

“These days we hear a lot of negativity about public education and teachers feel they are being blamed for things that are out of their control. So, this is a positive way to highlight teachers who are classroom superheroes,” Murillo said.

The award is not just for teachers. Parents, principals, bus drivers, food servers can all be nominated. Anyone who has had a positive influence in the classroom can be a superhero. The association hopes to have 1,000 people nominated by the end of the week. To learn more about the program or to nominate someone, go to classroomsuperheroes.com.