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Deep-Fried Gun Goes Off, Police Arrest Suspect

Deep-Fried Gun Goes Off, Police Arrest Suspect


Metro Police are investigating a bizarre incident at a restaurant near Charleston Boulevard and Mojave Road.

It started when two men went to El Diamonte restaurant Sunday night. They were told it was closed. When they tried to leave, a man, who was armed with a handgun, came up to them in the parking and demanded to be paid.

The two men left the scene and called police. Police arrived and started evacuating the restaurant, when they heard a gunshot. Officers found the shot had come from a gun that had been tossed into a deep fryer in the kitchen.

One of the workers pointed out a man she said had been holding a gun before police got there. She said the man had asked her to hold the gun when the officers arrived, but she refused.

The attempted robbery victim came back to the restaurant and pointed out the man who had confronted him. Officers arrested the suspect.

VIDEO: Jetskiing Through Flooded Vegas Streets (Language Warning)

(WARNING: Some faint explicit language might be heard during this video.)

Though it is far from a recommended activity during any flooding situations, two men can be seen riding jet skis through flooded Las Vegas streets during Tuesday's storms, starting near Sahara and Sloan.

The men unload jet skis from the back of a pickup truck and ride through deeper waters until helicopters overhead appear to make them stop and find a new location multiple times.