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Students March to Honor Fallen Teacher

LAS VEGAS -- As officers search for the robbers linked to a Las Vegas teacher's death, Eldorado High School students honored Timothy VanDerbosch before classes started Monday morning.

VanDerbosch was killed after he was beaten, robbed and then hit by a passing car.

And at 6 a.m., students walked the same path Mr. VanDerbosch took every day to get to school.

Students met at Washington and Nellis, the scene of the crime, and walked along Washington to their school.

So far, no arrests have been made in VanDerbosch's death. Several people were robbed and beaten early Wednesday morning. Police say the suspects were robbing their victims at random.

VanDerbosch was beaten so badly, he was struck by a car while lying on the street. He died at University Medical Center.

Police Follow Leads in Wednesday's Crime Spree

LAS VEGAS -- Police are still on the hunt for a group of people responsible for a rash of violent robberies early Wednesday morning. But as those suspects remain on the loose, some residents in the area where those crimes happened are growing concerned.

Residents want the group responsible for the robberies to see justice, but their biggest worry is getting them off the streets. People who frequent the bus stops and live in the neighborhoods where the crime happened, say they are on edge.

"I'm looking over my shoulder a lot and making sure that nobody is trying to walk up on me," said resident Matika Hogan.

"How can you protect yourself against that? You walk down the street and here comes a car and then somebody with a gun. What can you do," said resident James Moniz.

Detectives are still following up on several leads they've received since the string of crimes happened.

Inquest Finds Officers Justified in Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Two Las Vegas police officers have been cleared in the shooting death of Robert Mills, II. The coroner's inquest jury ruled the officers were justified after just 30 minutes of deliberation.

Police say Mills fired at them from his car after going on a string of robberies.

This latest inquest comes as Clark County considers alternatives to the way it investigates officers who use deadly force.

On August 27th, police shot and killed Mills at a 7-11 near Nellis and Charleston. Prosecutors told jurors that Mills was already allegedly responsible for a string of robberies that night.

Metro says the suspect pointed a weapon at officers and fired, prompting them to return fire and kill Mills.

Police May Pursue Murder Charges in Death of High School Teacher

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas high school teacher is dead after a crime spree that happened early Wednesday morning. Police say the suspects were looking for crimes of opportunity when they violently robbed several people, including the teacher and a homeless person.

Students from Eldorado High School say there is a sense of sadness in the halls now that science teacher Timothy VanDerbosch is dead.

"How can you do something like that? You don't know the person, but people don't think that way, you know. People who would do something like that wouldn't think like that," said student Melissa Valenzuala.

Police say the group responsible for the crimes brutally beat VanDerbosch before he ran to get away and was hit by a passing car. He was transported to the hospital where he later died.

I-Team: Suspended Nurses Get Licenses Back

LAS VEGAS -- Two nurses named as persons of interest in an investigation of unexplained medical events at Sunrise Hospital are again licensed medical professionals.

Late Tuesday, the Nevada Nursing Board reactivated the licenses of two nurses who have spent the last few months living under a cloud of suspicion.

Las Vegas police named the two as persons of interest in their investigation of 14 catheter disruptions in the NICU at Sunrise, one of which lead to the death of a premature infant.

Nursing Board President Debra Scott says the board has no evidence yet that would allow it to withhold their licenses. So as of late Tuesday, the nurses are free to seek employment.

Lawmakers Work on Tougher DUI Laws

LAS VEGAS -- Lawmakers are currently looking at toughening up on DUI laws. State officials and lawmakers are planning to file bill drafts for the 2011 state legislative session that would put tougher restrictions on drunk drivers.

For Joan Eddowes, DUI is personal. She lost her 17-year-old son, Mark, to a drunk driver back in 1991.

"Just slammed into my son, who was on a bicycle coming home from work, and literally just tore his body to pieces," she said.

The accident happened only two weeks before his high school graduation.

"You never think its going to happen to you. You never think you are going to be put in that position," she said.

For nearly two decades, Eddowes has been a DUI advocate and supports tougher laws against DUI. That's something lawmakers are currently looking at drafting bills for upcoming legislation.

"Whatever they come up with, it can only help. It can't hurt," she said.

Police Officer Involved in Shooting Identified

LAS VEGAS --The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has identified the officer involved in the shooting which occurred in the 900 block of Linn Lane on October 5th as Sgt. Curtis Willis.

Sgt. Willis is 46-years-old and has been with Metro since September, 1990. Willis is assigned to the Patrol Division, Northeast Area Command.

Sgt. Willis was responding to a domestic disturbance near Bonanza and Linn Lane when the shooting happened.

Police say when officers arrived, they came across 48-year-old Jeff Burguin with blood on his body outside a home. Police say Burguin reached behind his back and one officer fired one round. He was not struck by the bullet and quickly taken into custody.

Police say the suspect also beat the owner of the home where the incident happened after the owner tried to intervene in the domestic situation.

Metro's Critical Incident Review Team and Force Investigation Team will review the shooting.