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Reid Declines Vote on Illegal Worker Plan

LAS VEGAS -- In this election season, Senator Harry Reid's campaign events often include claims of how many stimulus funded jobs he's created. But how many of these construction jobs are going to workers in the country illegally?

E-Verify is a computer program many employers use to determine if job applicants are U.S. citizens. Construction companies are not forced to use the official E-Verify system to determine if construction job applicants are in this country legally.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions introduced an amendment in 2009 that would have made E-Verify permanent and mandatory for all construction companies. Senator Reid did not allow the idea to come up for a vote.

"The reason: we need to do comprehensive immigration reform. We cannot do it piecemeal," said Reid.

Hospital Suspends Two Nurses in Catheter Investigation

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Nursing Board has suspended the licenses of two nurses linked to a criminal investigation going on at Sunrise Hospital. The investigation is trying to find out what caused more than a dozen catheter "disruptions" in the facility's neo-natal intensive care unit.

According to documents, two nurses are persons of interest in the on-going criminal investigation involving Sunrise. The suspension order issued by the nursing board Friday notes the two workers, Sharon Ochoa-Reyes and Jessica Rice, are accused of intentionally harming patients at the facility. Neither woman has been charged with a crime.

Read the Nursing Board's report

High School Evacuated Over Grenade Threat

LAS VEGAS -- Police and fire officials are evacuating El Dorado High School for a bomb call.

A small number of students and staff were at the school participating in summer activities. Police evacuated them.

A California prison inmate claimed he left "munitions" in the building more than a decade ago. Clark County school police Lt. Ken Young said no dangerous items were found during the search.

Las Vegas police say nearby streets were also closed.

Young says authorities remained in contact with the inmate and searched areas he described. The man was not identified.

Young says he told officials he had been an unpaid volunteer football coach at the school in the late 1990s.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Inside a Chop Shop

LAS VEGAS -- In a matter of minutes, car thieves can break in, steal and strip your vehicle, selling its parts for thousands on the black market. Experts want to show how they do it, because Las Vegas drivers are some of the most vulnerable in the country.

Experts say while valley theft numbers have gone down the last few years, common sense and a few simple steps will help put the brakes on this bad problem.

A three-man mock thief team gets their game plan together, preparing to dismantle a 2007 Toyota Camry down to the frame. Now you see it, now you don't.

SLIDESHOW: Inside a Chop Shop

"It's an eye opener to see just how quickly a car can be stolen and stripped of it's parts," said Metro Auto Theft Sgt. Andrew Patzer.

One Dead in Double Shooting in East Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas homicide detectives are investigating a double shooting that killed one man and injured another. It happened just after noon at the Village Karen Apartments near Karen and Mountain Vista.

The victims are two long-time maintenance men who live and work at the complex. Both were shot -- one is expected to survive, but the other died here at the scene.

"We heard some shots and when I walked over there, I saw our maintenance man, Papa, was shot in the hand trying to defend himself and his assistant was lying dead on the porch," said resident Brendon Dillman.

Metro says the shooting happened while they were en route to a call of a burglary in progress at the same apartment complex.

Homicide detectives say the men were simply doing their job -- preparing to fix a broken window -- when they apparently ran into the five would-be burglars outside one of the apartment units.

Police Crash Cars for Training

LAS VEGAS -- Police are creating car accidents at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. No one has been hurt. It's all part of a crash conference being held Monday.

The conference helps police departments analyze speed, driver attention and other factors that lead to accidents and looks at ways to prevent them.

There have been cars crashing into each other and motorcycles crash into cars, all to help law enforcement learn how to investigate crashes. That analysis can be the difference between guilty and innocent.

"On the criminal side, you want to make sure if you're ascertaining somebody for a misdemeanor or felony prosecution that you've dialed in who's at fault correctly, as well as if someone was going too fast or too slow," said Officer Jim Byrne with the North Las Vegas Police.

Man Sought for Questioning in Homicide

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police are investigating a homicide that happened at the Budget Suites on Rancho Drive and Carey Avenue.

Police say they got a call saying someone found a deceased female at the complex. Homicide detectives were called to the scene to investigate.

Police say they're looking for a white, four-door 2004 Pontiac Grand AM with Nevada license plate number 813 SWF. Police say the vehicle may be in the possession of Jason Garcia. He is being sought for questioning.

The victim's identity and cause of death has not been released.

Anyone who has information is asked to contact CrimeStoppers at (702) 385-5555.