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Crosswalks at Busy Intersection Get Attention | Transportation

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Crosswalks at Busy Intersection Get Attention
Crosswalks at Busy Intersection Get Attention


All this week, 8 News NOW have been looking into safety on southern Nevada roads. One of the busiest intersections in the Las Vegas valley is where Charleston and Lamb Boulevards cross.

The people who walk in the area know just how dangerous it can be.

“I have almost been hit several times. That is what put me in this condition. I got hit once already,” pedestrian Sam Dawes said.

With cars zooming by at 45 miles per hour, Dawes and his family must navigate the stretch of road just to make his regular doctor appointments. He says each step he takes with his little girl close by ushers in a moment of anxiety.

Reynita Banban spends hours in the median at the intersection asking for donations for a charity she represents. She says it is not her time in the median that scares her. It is just getting there because the crosswalks are almost non-existent.

“It should be painted because you do not know where it starts and where it ends,” Banban said.

The problem is jurisdiction. The north side of Lamb Boulevard is maintained by the city of Las Vegas. The south side is maintained by Clark County. Charleston Boulevard is maintained by the state of Nevada. Each of the agencies admitted it has not done anything to maintain the intersection’s crosswalks in several months.

After 8 News NOW brought the problem to the attention of the city, county and state, they all jumped into action. The crosswalk at Lamb Boulevard has already received a fresh coat of paint. Nevada Department of Transportation has scheduled maintenance for Charleston Boulevard in the next two weeks.